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“Some years ago, I began working with Dr. Deb’s mentor.  When he retired and moved away, he gave me the names of the two people he felt would be optimum choices if I wanted to continue to work with someone local.  One of those was Dr. Deb Wood-Shade.  He described her as “scientifically knowledgeable,” “intuitive” and “curious.”  I knew that was the combination of traits that I needed because working with my nervous system is particularly tricky and unpredictable.  You have to be able to “think on your feet” and be able to respond “in the moment,” without panicking.  I have not been disappointed.  Dr. Deb is exactly as her mentor described her.  The fact that she has a great sense of humor and is a true “professional” . . . is for me, icing on the cake.”

L. Parker

Health Care Practitioner

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